Mineral Mining+

The largest mineral independent

Extraction of minerals

Mining, minerals due to factors such as the stripping ratio, amount of storage, the type of, mineral and topographic conditions into two general categories deep pit and underground is divided, Iran due to the climate of mountain, has untapped resources and mines of good quality used a variety of metal and non-metallic ores. therefore, mineral exportation involves a large part of Iran’s non-oil exports.

Investment in mining

Research and Development Department of International company of Minerals Mining+, intends to develop and enhance the modern technology and attracting investment in the mining sector, gives good opportunities to applicant countries, and with operational consulting, as well as entrepreneurship, promote mining activities that reinforces the basis of each country’s industry in the world.

Mineral’s Process

mined Minerals is processed to be useable in in industry. low alloy minerals to enter the consumer market need condensation operations. Processing section is done to remove unwanted material (waste) and increase the alloy of copper plays a mediating role at mining and other industries.

About Our Products

Business group of minerals, Mining plus (MPG), to develop export and attract investors in minerals field and to perform processing operations, thereby increasing the added value of the mineral, also in addition to the economic feasibility of mining activities, plans to facilitate access of other countries to best mines of Iran with the highest quality and most reasonable price.
Types of calcium carbonate or quartz, Limestone, barite, bentonite, talc, silica, gilsonite or bitumen, silica, iron oxide, dolomite, feldspar, and sulfur, only part of the mineral research, exploitation and processing in the factories manufacturing us.
Items aforementioned, the industrial minerals, that nearly is used in all major industries of countries such as chemical industry, agriculture, construction, ceramics, metallurgy and medicine as a filler, coating and developer industries.
knowledge of mining, mining lumps, mineral processing into granularity form and micronized powder, attract foreign investment, export and import of machineries are the most important activities of international mineral company, mining+, which with the help of a team of experienced, capable and young is operated domestic and foreign trade affairs.

Why Us:

Why do customers choose us?
Pretty simple, repeatedly heard from our customers in different countries to like us and buy from us because they trust us,
Trust because working conditions we’re honest, transparent and responsible in the safe route that the main condition for its sense of responsibility in the delivery of timely, accurate and high quality, and often worried about the quality assurance tested until the year will not.
Customer time and money spent is valuable to us, so we try to keep it in the best way and we try our best to supply our sincere service to buyers and business partners.
Customer orientation and accountability on the principle of (24/7) to recognize our responsibility and try our best to maintain the value and reputation of our Iranian Soil to always been to promote the good name and reputation of our company name is registered in the public mind and memories.

About Us Mining Plus Company

Trade group minerals mining plus, known as (MPG), as the original company in Iran for many years to separate active in the mining, production, sales and export of mineral raw materials and processed for granulation and micronized powder with the best quality possible.
Each type of stone mines, specifically in the Region that has been provided is of high purity and processing factories are located in the same area so we can expended the lowest cost and highest quality services worthy of the dignity of your buyers provide, In some cases, the extent to which mines in neighboring countries such as Afghanistan reached To get your mission done the best conditions.
In this way the transport logistics operations that work sea, land and railway to the needs of buyers are responsible been able to deliver on time and easy access to the product in your country solve.
MPG as an international company with mining+ minerals in the world is going to be more integrated into mining activities to continue and as a good reference mining and sale of mining activities concurrently update their research in order to better ideas for Foreign investment in Iran to take steps.
Mining+ commercial team consists of young people in Iran, capable and entrepreneurs in different areas of the mine And we are proud to host various companies to discuss business in Iran and visit our mines.

  • Management:

    This is actually part of managing complex, Executive Director, HR management, financial management, insurance management, project management, industrial management suite. Each according to his job description, responsibilities are met.

  • research department of mine:

    The exact function of this department is in fact to identify the best and highest quality mines in Iran and Afghanistan, mines that has the highest purity and quality and safest product.

  • Drilling and extraction:

    It consists of a team of specialists in the field of extraction, using machines and tools of the world’s industrial standards.

  • Department of Commerce:

    This section is in fact responsible for coordinating the management and businessmen to trade minerals are respected.

    Harmonize trading conditions, review of commercial contracts, Incoterms and coordination to discuss … the responsibility of this section.

  • Transportation:

    Our company has a variety of tracks in the transport and sea transport ship in the company’s ownership, use, So we can see that the client needs anywhere in the world delivered, in this section we will pursue in earnest the issue of transportation:

    Transport and international transportation, domestic transportation of our products are machines that transport the load to the output port or to live Customs and then by ship to all over the world and we’ll carry on transit from the factory with machines for transit, we shipped the goods to the desired destination.

  • Department of Chemical Engineers:

    Includes a number of chemical engineer is tasked with testing products extracted in the lab before sending to the customer.

  • Department of Soil Science:

    Engineers are concerned that the soil of the mining research and then check to define standards for the mining company.

Our Service

Business group minerals mining plus is proud to have provide you with all the mines in Iran familiarize and highest quality samples to produce quality products of various industries, as a lumps, aggregation and micronized, with analysis of application and in any kind of package which of you is to give in.

Iran has mines so rich in materials such as calcium carbonate, talc, bentonite, barite, silica, Microsilica, bitumen, clay, ceramic, sulfur minerals, iron oxide, feldspar and many other items such as decorative stones Alabaster is a source prosperity far the best of the BUSINESS GROUP are located MPG.

Research groups and commercial mining plus, founded in procurement costs and time-saving access to the best analysis possible Dear Colleague, and you can are safely produce your own high-quality industrial products.

Part logistics Our company also significant assistance to transport goods anywhere in the world you are doing to concern for security and reasonable prices for their orders will not be delivered.

Safe Trading, Mining plus One goal of improving international relations and meet the concerns of customers and service arrangements special in the field provided.

What others say about us

Mr.Jak Parus

I am a businessman who bought minerals from Iran via Dubai to Europe would. I’m happy, mining + met with business groups, such as the company’s good quality at reasonable prices to our delivery and this cooperation has had for us to have a good profit and I hope to have more continuity.

Mr.Jak ParusCEO
Anna Vandana

My name is Anna and the mining and processing of minerals in the Middle East’ve done a lot of research. I’ve not yet managed to buy from mining +, but I dare say that Unlike many other commercial companies in the principle of win-win for both commercial principles Contracting party terms and did not seek to profit more and the unjust.

Anna VandanaCEO
Maxi Milli

-I’m Maxi Mili of buyers’ minerals Iran, each year Iran bought large amounts of calcium carbonate and bitumen, and I am very satisfied. I first went to Iran and trade with the mining+ MPG was known at that time as I was negotiating. They were very experienced and proficient in their work. I was fascinated by their transparency.

Maxi MilliCEO
Dr. Dosist

MPG trade group in an email they wanted me to speak my mind about the business relationship between us, frankly it is a scam. My whole world looked but could not find talc quality and precision in manufacturing, high product diversity and so much flexibility in taking orders that we always joke with your colleagues and say you are trick.

Dr. DosistCEO