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Extraction of minerals

Mining, minerals due to factors such as the stripping ratio, amount of storage, the type of, mineral and topographic conditions into two general categories deep pit and underground is divided, Iran due to the climate of mountain, has untapped resources and mines of good quality used a variety of metal and non-metallic ores. therefore, mineral exportation involves a large part of Iran’s non-oil exports.
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Mineral’s Process

mined Minerals is processed to be useable in in industry. low alloy minerals to enter the consumer market need condensation operations. Processing section is done to remove unwanted material (waste) and increase the alloy of copper plays a mediating role at mining and other industries.

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Investment in mining

Research and Development Department of International company of Minerals Mining+, intends to develop and enhance the modern technology and attracting investment in the mining sector, gives good opportunities to applicant countries, and with operational consulting, as well as entrepreneurship, promote mining activities that reinforces the basis of each country’s industry in the world.

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What our customer say about us

I’m Maxi milli of buyers’ minerals Iran, each year Iran bought large amounts of calcium carbonate and bitumen, and I am very satisfied. I first went to Iran and trade with the mining+ MPG was known at that time as I was negotiating. They were very experienced and proficient in their work. I was fascinated by their transparency.

Maxi milli
Maxi milliMineral buyer Floorfilla Media

My name is Anna and the mining and processing of minerals in the Middle East’ve done a lot of research. I’ve not yet managed to buy from mining +, but I dare say that Unlike many other commercial companies in the principle of win-win for both commercial principles Contracting party terms and did not seek to profit more and the unjust.

Anna Vandana
Anna VandanaMineral researcherMambajuice

I am a businessman who bought minerals from Iran via Dubai to Europe would. I’m happy, mining + met with business groups, such as the company’s good quality at reasonable prices to our delivery and this cooperation has had for us to have a good profit and I hope to have more continuity.

dr. Nirooei
dr. NirooeiMineral Tradesman

Who are we? What do we do?

Business group of minerals, Mining+ (MPG), to develop export and attract investors in minerals field and to perform processing operations, thereby increasing the added value of the mineral, also in addition to the economic feasibility of mining activities, plans to facilitate access of other countries to best mines of Iran with the highest quality and most reasonable price.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To order registration as purely formal in mining+ What actions is needed?

The best way to order registration in mining+ This means that the contact tab on the site and find out E-mail address to request that your official LOI (letter of intend) send or the section send us mail this page to register your order and click Send Email After Review to consultants in the shortest possible time, contact you establish and or the SCO or FCO (Full Corporation Offer) will be issued to you. Finally, after securing the approval of the purchase and FCO, buyer ICPO (Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order) to buy for our company sends to certainty, after that mining + for the buyer, P / I (Performa invoice) to exports.

How can we get samples for your product?

After recording the initial order, you can ask for samples to be posted to your application analysis and product range after initial testing of the product, if approved by reached the final buyer, other measures of uncertainty in purchase to finish.

The place of delivery of minerals in mining+ Company is in what form?

Company mining + accordance with the rules of international trade terms Incoterms which contains rules for the carriage of goods, customs clearance, export-import obligations between acts that type of review required by the customer’s request and then by the logistics complex will be applicable.

What are the terms of the settlement and payment of money in mining+?

Company working conditions on the basis of cash for a down payment of 50 percent for the order registration, and liquidate the rest after delivery is at the desired location. But in certain cases the rules will be more flexible the in negotiations should talk about it and come to a final decision.

How can you ensure quality assurance products?

Mining+ to reduce customer concerns about providing all necessary measures required certificates such as SGS and QT quality control teams at the mine is provided to customers.

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