What we do?

MPG trade group for many years in different cities of Iran and other countries working in the extraction, processing and the sale, but attempt to do with create a large and regular group of mines across Iran, in most international company Minerals MINING + for much more specialized and more power to pursue these goals, Iran to become some base rich in mineral exports.

Iran has huge mines of high quality and that we attempt to do with help the miners, with the creation of standard factories, Export in various products based on the mineralogy of the region have to ensure the product quality As well as reduce the cost for buyers.

We’re looking for the best qualifications to serve various industries; we have tried to safe business for the parties.

Our services:

Business group minerals mining + is proud to have provide you with all the mines in Iran familiarize and highest quality samples to produce quality products of various industries, as a lumps, aggregation and micronized, with analysis of application and in any kind of package which of you is to give in.

Iran has mines so rich in materials such as calcium carbonate, talc, bentonite, barite, silica, Microsilica, bitumen, clay, ceramic, sulfur minerals, iron oxide, feldspar and many other items such as decorative stones Alabaster is a source prosperity far the best of the BUSINESS GROUP are located MPG.

Research groups and commercial mining +, founded in procurement costs and time-saving access to the best analysis possible Dear Colleague, and you can are safely produce your own high-quality industrial products.

Part logistics Our company also significant assistance to transport goods anywhere in the world you are doing to concern for security and reasonable prices for their orders will not be delivered.

Safe Trading, Mining+ One goal of improving international relations and meet the concerns of customers and service arrangements special in the field provided.


Our slogan is: Safe, Honest, Responsible

We know these are an important part of our business, which we are proud of it,

Micro Mines Group (MMG) is proud to familiarize you with all the mines in Iran and the most desirable samples to produce quality products in various industries with any analysis package that you requested to be delivered.

Our Policy

Safe, honest, responsible …

Our motto is always the safe way with good and honest manner and with the executive responsible for international relations with foreign businessman create and able to follow the principle of win-win transaction, always obtain customer satisfaction.

Our security is an important part of our business and proud of it, we are safe in the sense that their client in the best and safest position to be, We’re safe because we can trust the customer with the best and highest quality product in a location far from the stresses and concerns of choices, We’re safe because your terms of trade, according to customer demand placed, We’re safe because your client will make it possible to safely earn their profit think.

We are honest, since the mines of Iran, which has the highest quality product at the disposal of wa are put customers, honestly discuss trade terms with our customers and based on customer demand conditions will change. The main part of our work is honesty. We have the best reputation in Iran and we are trying to improve This credit in the world and the way we think is sustainable only on the basis of honesty.

We are responsible, we owe our country, soil, land, honor Iran, customer mentality than we, the public, are responsible to our company name. All of these responsibilities makes sense when we give the utmost respect to your customer and for our customers in the highest position of BE. This is the basis of our corporate responsibility.

Our task is to serve the customer.

Iran has the best and highest quality mines, for example in the case of bitumen Gilsonite, our country is the third largest country in the world in terms of reserves and our company can be considered the largest suppliers Gilsonite in the Middle East.

MPG is intended to realize the motto measures, including the use of the best and most experienced consultants in the fields of mining, trade, transportation, chemical engineers, engineer Soil Science, etc.

We must know ‘s put customers the best quality available to realize This quality of laboratories in accordance with international standards we use. Mining+ intends to mine in the world of business, we are looking for new changes are widespread.

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