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Business group minerals mining + is proud to have provide you with all the mines in Iran familiarize and highest quality samples to produce quality products of various industries, as a lumps, aggregation and micronized, with analysis of application and in any kind of package which of you is to give in.

Iran has mines so rich in materials such as calcium carbonate, talc, bentonite, barite, silica, Microsilica, bitumen, clay, ceramic, sulfur minerals, iron oxide, feldspar and many other items such as decorative stones Alabaster is a source prosperity far the best of the BUSINESS GROUP are located MPG.

Research groups and commercial mining +, founded in procurement costs and time-saving access to the best analysis possible Dear Colleague, and you can are safely produce your own high-quality industrial products.

Part logistics Our company also significant assistance to transport goods anywhere in the world you are doing to concern for security and reasonable prices for their orders will not be delivered.

Safe Trading, Mining+ One goal of improving international relations and meet the concerns of customers and service arrangements special in the field provided.

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