Sugar silica is and what uses are in the glass industry?

Sugar silica is and what uses are in the glass industry?

Sugar silica

Silica or silicon oxide having a density of 21/2 and a clear, light stone. And when its impurity is less than 1 ppm, it is one of the best transparent glasses with ultraviolet transmittance. The pure gelatine silica has a melting point of 1750 degrees Celsius and can withstand temperatures of up to 1100 degrees in chemical and thermal containers.
Since silica is highly resistant to thermal shock, acids and electrical resistance, it is used to produce chemical components. Silica is also used in the production of fiberglass. Silica flour, which is obtained from soft sand gravel, is used in paints as well as for building flooring blocks. Its soft powder or granular particles are also used as abrasive material. This mineral is used in various industries such as ceramics, glass, glazing, casting, sodium silicate and ferrosilicon production, fillers, melting aid, refractories, abrasives, liquids purification and so on.

sugar silica

The quartz and silica resistance up to C 1470 has been used to provide casting molds for metals such as steel, black iron, aluminum and copper alloys, as well as refractories in the manufacture of iron and steel furnaces, ceramics, glass and cement. Other application uses such as abrasive, polished powder, filtration, sand and construction. Rounded and quality types are used to open gaps and increase permeability in oil and gas production. It can also be used as a filler in paint, plastics, rubber, putty and glue.

Application and use of silica:

There are many uses in the industries, including the production of ferrosilicon, glass, bricks, limestone, china, sodium production, casting, production of other silica materials, glazing, ceramic, casting and refractory, semiconductor, wool Silicate glass, electronic industry, rubber and plastics, paints, putty and glue for steel, water purification, cement, sand blasting, soap making, abrasion control of water pipes, industrial cleaners, paint and coating, ore flotation, stabilization Peroxide and corrosion control in water pipes and adhesives.

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