Talc powder FOB Bandar Abbas jumbo bag Packing LC payment

Talc powder FOB Bandar Abbas jumbo bag Packing LC payment

Talc Powder

Mining Plus Business Collection is the largest collection inside Iran that has experts in the field of mining. Our collection is dedicated to the best of the business in this field and has the full satisfaction of our customers to boost their business. Mining Plus products include barite, bentonite, silica, natural sulfur, talc, calcium carbonate, iron ore, dolomite and coal.

Talc powder FOB Bandar Abbas jumbo bag Packing LC payment

Physical properties of talc in supplementary form in some applications, the physical properties of talc are considered, and its chemical nature plays a minor role. An important criterion for the use of talc in industrial applications is as follows:

Crystal structure: Crystal talc may be fibrous or plate. When this material becomes abrasion, the talc crystals turn into a plate or flattened or fibrous state. This issue is dependent on the structure of this material.

Surface hardness and softness: Talc is the most soft minerals known and its hardness is 1 in Meuse scale. Its softness is such that it has a lizard or soap. Soapstone, due to the presence of impurities, is somewhat harder than pure talc. So, the use of soap stones is preferred in most applications.

Color and optical properties: Talc is in pure state, white to whiteish silver. This material has a pearly luster and has a refractive index of 1.54 to 1.59 and is resistant to ultraviolet radiation.

Density: Because of its softness, this material has a relatively high density and has a density of 2.4 tons per cubic meter. This is three times the density of the granite bulk.

Mechanical Properties: The thin plates of this material contain talc crystals. These pages, although flexible, have a limited elasticity. As a result, talc has high mechanical strength and, therefore, the structure of this material has a good stability.

Electrical properties: This material is a poor conductor of electricity and has high dielectric strength.
Absence of plasticity: This substance is a moisture absorbing material and therefore, when mixed with water, does not create a plastic mass. The nature of this material is due to its slippery surface.

Chemical Properties: Chemically, talc is a neutral substance (acid or gamma), and its chemical composition is 3MgO.4SiO_2.H_2O. It contains 63.5% silica, 31.7% magnesium oxide and 4.8% water.

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