To order registration as purely formal in mining+ What actions is needed?

The best way to order registration in mining+ This means that the contact tab on the site and find out E-mail address to request that your official LOI (letter of intend) send or the section send us mail this page to register your order and click Send Email After Review to consultants in the shortest possible time, contact you establish and or the SCO or FCO (Full Corporation Offer) will be issued to you. Finally, after securing the approval of the purchase and FCO, buyer ICPO (Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order) to buy for our company sends to certainty, after that mining + for the buyer, P / I (Performa invoice) to exports.

Whether through social networks can also be advice or order registration?

Yes, the phone lines consultants It has social networks WhatsApp, Telegram, emo and that can Viber or Skype through it company, do an initial consultation Finally, order registration your official LOI start by email.

Do not order and buy only through phone and email communication is possible?

No. Dear buyers they can call, chat, email, video by Skype negotiated and do their advice, and finally to ensure greater travel to Iran and visit the mines and factories during the meeting in person to adjust their contracts After being fully ensure the product and the company resumes Part of next purchase as a non-person and telephone one.

Most packaging for export minerals mining+ What are these?

In general, if the minerals in question in the Jumbobag a ton hunk above are packaged or bulk that you will not need to pack.

But if the powder is the most complete package will be as follows: Packaging laminating 25 kg / ton big bags or paragraph 8, paragraph 4 Jumbobag or Big Bag / pallets and shrink / pallet straps.

Do not sign if the packaging company logo or printed with a different brand, it is possible will be done?

Yes, it will be possible. Based on Customer orientation business principles based mining+, so far as possible and in accordance with the dictates of the Islamic Republic of Iran will be applicable.

The type and material of packaging bags you normally look like?

Bags are often made of laminated bags are one or two minutes. It can also be a fabric of Jumbobag. Jumbobag made of Polypropylene inner lining is laminated to one side of the funnel. This Jumbo ability to carry 1000 times their own weight (500 To 2,000), and according to customers’ request there will be flexibility in production and design.

The place of delivery of minerals in mining+ Company is in what form?

Company mining + accordance with the rules of international trade terms Incoterms which contains rules for the carriage of goods, customs clearance, export-import obligations between acts that type of review required by the customer’s request and then by the logistics complex will be applicable.

What is the most common terms of delivery of goods in Iran?

The Incoterms rules,

Ex works (EXW), delivery of goods in the point of Send at the origin of the mine, warehouse or factory doors and all other costs borne by the buyer.

Free carrier (FAC), the method of transportation, loading and transportation to the port of origin to Exporting countries, as well as payment of customs at the port to the seller, but the buyer is unloading and other expenses.

Free on board (FOB), in this method, all costs of loading, transport to port, unloading and re-loading up on deck and side effects customs clearance in the port exporter is the seller.

Cost and freight (CFR), the delivery of all stages of the FOB plus the cost of transportation to the port will be the importer of borne by the Seller.

Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF), all costs relating to the CRF plus shipping insurance costs will be borne by the seller.

What are the terms of the settlement and payment of money in mining+?

Company working conditions on the basis of cash for a down payment of 50 percent for the order registration, and liquidate the rest after delivery is at the desired location. But in certain cases the rules will be more flexible the in negotiations should talk about it and come to a final decision.

Is the company mining+, the barter trading and welcomes product to product?

Not by buying and selling companies because of the high cost of production and profits too low, based on monetary transactions and cash and basically sets no interest in barter transactions.

How can your product is special and different analysis we find?

Mining+ is a group of experienced, university and teachers dealing with the science of the day, which can be made up as much as possible in accordance with customer requests producing minerals and the process of picking your product line based on customer requirements. He is an important part of the company’s Customer orientation and satisfaction. You just ask your application with consultants in the sales department to be addressed.

How can you ensure quality assurance products?

Mining+ to reduce customer concerns about providing all necessary measures required certificates such as SGS and QT quality control teams at the mine is provided to customers.

How much in container export?

20-foot container loading of the minerals used approximately 22 tons each fits.

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