Natural Bitumen Gilsonite

Bitumen is a natural hydrocarbon resin. The bitumen such as thick bitumen oil, antifoams oil bitumen is called. Gilsonite or bitumen in oil, aromatic solvents and oily solvents such as petroleum bitumen dissolved. Because of super compatibility with petroleum products are frequently used to loosen and tighten them placed.

Gilsonite in a large amount a dark color and bright, glass-like minerals. This material is brittle and easily turned into powder is dark brown.

Bitumen in more than 160 industry requirements in the world are used, resulting in high quality, lower cost and Iran as the third country rich in mining bitumen in the world capable of best quality at the cost of proper international standards in the industry leaders anywhere in the world.


: production Bituminous waterproofing and natural asphalt – production of bitumen emulsion, modified and organic – produce paint and ink – rubber – isolation – production Coke (fuel) – casting – drilling mud – fuel and chemicals, including production of sealant, glue, pencil graphics, making polyethylene, PVC, carbon fiber aircraft fuselage, and etc

Destination countries

: Iran is the third largest global supplier of mining bitumen and so can be the best quality for the least amount of ash and sulfur, in the form of lumps or mesh 200 to 400, the amount of tonnage demand and price in jambobag of 700 kg with customer demand delivery anywhere in the world.

China, Djibouti, India, United Arabic Emirates, Turkey, Malaysia, Tanzania, Canada and Kuwait among the most important buyers in the world, often in the manufacture of bitumen green and asphalt road construction on the road used day.