Silicon dioxide or Silica:

Silicon dioxide oxide compound with the chemical formula SiO2 abundant in the earth’s crust that both sedimentary rocks and quartz are used in industry:

Silica Quartz: Quartz is one of silica titanium dioxide. This phase is stable at normal temperature and pressure. Because of free silica as quartz is found in nature more. Mineral quartz is very high hardness, is about 7 mouse.

Precipitated silica: Sand, sandstone, quartz types of sediment that naturally been crushed. In sandstone, sand grains by the particles of lime, clay, iron oxide or other materials stuck together.

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production of glass and porcelain sanitary ware, crystal and cut glass, paint, synthetic stones, producing Ferrosilicon, ceramic tile, brick production sand-lime, Casting, paper, glue, producing sodium silicate, and also used as the as the semiconductor in electronics industry and the production of glass wool.

Significant quantities of silica sand, crushed stone and other building materials industry also used treatment.

Silica used in each of these industries must have a certain quality. Chemical composition, mineralogical structure and physical properties of silica, determines the quality and use it in each of those industries are.

Production and packing:

silica stone in the purity above 99% and iron below two hundredths of a per cent color pure white to mesh 325 or 45-micron processing, and as a micronized powder silica in Jambobag a ton about using various industries are and most of its consumption in the glass industry, where more than 60 percent of the silica is provided.

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